Message from the Principal


Dear Parents and friends:

   Welcome to the International Education Program (I-EP) of The Affiliated Foreign Language School of SCNU. 

    It is our I-EP team’s goal to build a professional, open-minded and respected community with a group of learners who strive for excellence, pursue life-long learning and understand international cultures. At the same time, we endeavor to cultivate:communicators that are fluent in both Chinese and English languages; world citizens with international mindedness;talents that understand Chinese culture and can carry forward Chinese values; learners with innovative knowledges and passion for excellence and life-long learners.

    In order to achieve this educational goal, we have gathered educational talents with like minds from all around the world. They are from countries or areas such as China mainland, China Hong Kong,United Kingdom, United States, Canada, etc. 

    I-EP is a candidate school for International Baccalaureate (IB) programs. Integrated with Chinese national curriculum standards, our primary section based its curriculum on IB Primary Year Program (PYP)framework and middle school section on IB Middle Year Program (MYP). 

    Inquiry is a key focus for our programs. 

    In PYP, we make learning more meaningful with transdisciplinary themes, concept-based learning. Students are encouraged to explore on the questions under the six transdisciplinary themes. 

In MYP, with the philosophy of inquiry-based learning, concept-based learning and global contexts, students have authentic learning in the eight subject groups, interdisciplinary unites, community project or personal project. 

    While we are striving for academic excellence, we also look into student’s developmental growth and well-being. All students and teaching staff are divided into five different houses, which are represented by a blue dragon, a red ox, a green peacock, a yellow monkey and a purple unicorn. They each represents a Chinese value from Ren(仁),Yi(义),Li(礼),Zhi(智),Xin(信). With this house system, students are able to interact with students from different year groups in which they have chances to participate and take up responsibilities for leadership and service. In this process, we cultivate their positive behavior, teamwork and leadership and offer them ongoing support and guidance. In the hopes of developing able talents for our society, we strive to develop more student leadership and positive attitudes that are caring about the people and world around them.

    I am looking forward to working together with all of you to build a safe and harmonious campus with teamwork. I also believe that I-EP will guide and nurture your next generation into a 21st century global citizen with a Chinese heart and global view. 

Join us! Let’s build a beautiful future for our children!


John Cheung 

华师附外John Cheung 張毅校長印章